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Arrival & Departure
Children are brought to crèche by an adult and brought into their designated rooms after hanging up their coat and bags on their designated hooks. A staff member is ready to greet children/adults and signs the children in.
Collections Policy: Children will only be permitted to go home with a designated Adult as per the child’s application form. If for any reason somebody else HAS to collect your child (due to unforeseen circumstances) then you must let a staff member know beforehand.  
After school children are collected by a member of staff and brought across the road using the pedestrian crossing. No child is allowed to leave the premises alone.
Late Collections: If a child is left after 6 o’clock the staff will try to contact parents / guardians. If all attempts are unsuccessful and the child is still here after 6.30 pm the staff will contact the guards as per Child protection policy. 
Collections Policy - Separated and Divorced Parents
Married parents are automatically joint guardians of their children. Neither separation nor divorce changes this.

  • We cannot refuse either parent to collect their child unless a court order is in place.
  • We ask that parents give us information on any person that does not have legal access to the child.
  • Where custody of a child is granted to one parent, we would ask you to clarify the circumstances with us. This information will remain confidential and will only be made known to the relevant staff. If there is any legal documents i.e. custody order, barring order we would ask you to provide us with a copy to keep on file.

Attempted collection of a child by a parent who has been denied access in a court order

  • A parent who has been denied access to a child through a court order will not be permitted on to the premises  
  • If the parent who has been denied access becomes threatening or violent and insists on removing the child from the service this will be viewed as trespassing. The service will in this event contact the Local Gardai.

By law, an unmarried mother is the sole guardian of a child born outside of marriage. Unless the mother agrees to sign a statutory declaration, an unmarried father must apply to the court in order to become a legal guardian of his child.

Car Parking
There is a car park located at the front of the crèche. There are a number of drop off parking spaces designated to parents. All adults entering the grounds should take due care when driving in.
There is a no parking space in front of the main door of the service. It is very important to ensure the safety of all that NOBODY parks in this area.


Places are filled from a waiting list on a first come first come basis for all children of Banogue and surrounding areas.
Fire Safety
The building conforms to all fire safety regulations and has been inspected by the fire services. All staff has received training in how to use the fire fighting equipment. There is a fire safety manual on site and fire drills are carried out regularly.
The fire safety officer is Amanda Jordan – Crèche Manager


Banogue, Croom, Co. Limerick
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